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About Us

Waterproofing Africa are the specialists in the waterproofing sector within South Africa and abroad. We understand the necessity of above standard installations and our priority is Getting it Right, First Time.
We have expanded our business, over and over to follow the demands of our growing country. We specialize in waterproofing and painting from Domestic to Industrial & Commercial Applications, therefore showing our great capability to achieve client satisfaction from the smallest application to the un-imagined.

aterproofing Africa is a powerful, professional and dynamic company, which complies with all regulations and safety standards set out by the indistries standard and the National Building Council of Southern Africa.
The company enjoys excellent working relations with its staff, many of whom have been with
Waterproofing Africa for number of years. Our qualified foremen on site monitor the experienced working teams & projects that are in progress.

Our Vision Is to

Set the standard and become the market leaders in quality and client satisfacion. We see our staff partnering within the company in all the available field descriptions, and it's our vision to train and equip staff to become the best in their positions for their own futures

We Make It Our Mission to

Respond to quotation requests within 24 Hours
Quote a fair market related price for our above quality services

To completely satisfy our clients, from quotation to installation completion...& To superviseall work in progresstherefore eliminating error,maximising efficiency& providingsolutionsto all our clients' requests

We know waterproofing is not a luxury, but a complete and total necessity and is needed at the worst of times. By our staff adopting a helpful and pleasant attitude, we will minimise the frustrations and rectify the causes of water damage, creating a solution with honest guarantees.
We see our clients as one of us, with families, businesses and worries about protection against the elements and our services will limit these unwanted natural certainties.

We have introduced a maintenance contract into the market which relieves clients from the irritation of periodic maintenance. We complete the scheduled maintenance periodically which reinstate the guarantee. We honour our all guarantees as well proved higher guarantees than our competitors.
Waterproofing Africa, the Complete Waterproofing Solution
"We Reign When It Pours"

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